Company Philosophy

Funz San Industry offers good quality and price-competitive deck machines and marine-related hydraulic/electric machines . Custom-built machines are also available upon customers’ requests.



.Deck Machinery

  Anchor Handling and Towing Winches
  Mooring Winches and Systems
  Anchor Winches (Windlass)
  Tugger Winches
  Electro Hydraulic Power Packs
  Water Fall Winches
  Fire Monitor

.Fishing Machinery

  Fish Pump(6“,8”,10“,12”)
  Suck & Blow Pump
  Line Hauler
  Pelagic Automatic Fishing System: Side Roller, Fish Pump and Fishing Winches
  Trawl Equipments: Trawl Winch, Capstan
  Size Separator
  Net Hauler
  Power Blocks
  Purse Winch

.Special Marine Equipment

  Stabilizer Fin

.Ashore Hydraulic Machines

  Dock Winch, Slip Way Winch, Ashore Capstan
  Aashore Winch

Professional Certification

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  • ISO9001
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  • BV
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  • DNV
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  • CR
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  • ABS
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  • GL
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  • NK
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  • RINA